North American Agents

Donnie Angele

 Manager of QA & Training

I’ve been in travel since 1991 and with ISS GMT since Aug 2006. Favorite things include Baseball, sports, politics and the beach. And, in another life, travel is my hobby and my real job is: the starting catcher for the Red Sox.

Lori Korenbaum


29years in the travel industry-corporate/retail/groups/marine. Enjoying life with family/friends and my Newfie Daisy. A Jersey Girl gone South!



I have been in the airline/travel industry since 2000. I enjoy reading and the beach.
I have two daughters, I hope to experience the empty nest syndrome soon.



I have been in the travel industry for 23 years, and working with marine travel for 16 of those years. I pride myself in customer service and helping clients with that extra step when needed. I enjoy time with my family, watchin my son play little league baseball, football, basketball and walking my dogs! Married 22 years and have 2 kids. I like my red wine and dancing.



I have been in the travel Industry for over 17 years and with ISS-GMT for 5 wonderful years. I am single Mother with a wonderful daughter. On my spare time, I love watching sports.



24 years in the air/sea and marine travel industry. Ex hippi. Married, no kids, 4 birds. Enjoys nature and the beach on the weekends. Hate to fly, so I’m extra careful to make our customers experience as pleasant as possible. Peace and Love.



In the travel industry since 1979. Single, no kids, no dogs, no cats, no birds! Love my family and the headaches they bring!!!!



15+ years in the travel industry, mostly dealing with marine and crew travel. Married with Children.

Cecilia (Cecy)


Over 23years of airline management background, coupled with 7years specializing in marine, corporate and government travel.
Single, and love to spend time off from work outside with my wonderful dog, RAMBO, a gorgeous Siberian Husky.



I’ve been in the cruise and air/sea business for the past 21 years. Nearly 10 years with GMT.
Enjoy river canoing, local history, video games (still!) and my pets



Over 15 years experience in Air/Sea operations. Former airline management. Enjoy traveling, camping/canoeing, Miami Heat games and movies.



Over 17 years in the Travel Industry. Enjoys traveling, going to the gym, reading and having a nice glass of red wine with dinner. Or and do like to watch Modern family on Wednesday nights!



Over 25 years experience in the travel industry – including corporate, marine, sales and management. High attention to detail and excellent customer service skills. Recipient of numerous Canadian Corporate Counselor Excellence Award’s. Enjoys running, hiking, kayaking and watching hockey.



17 years Airline/Marine/Corporate Travel experience. Very tall, likes ladys, especially Rhianna cos she’s gorgeous. Enjoys Soccer (Norwich City fan), Road Running & Astronomy. Dislikes Mondays, Parmesan cheese, blue cheese, well… all cheese. Ambition – to buy Rhianna a drink

Tony (TC)


Over 17 years of Travel experience, which my main focus has been on the Marine/offshore area. I enjoy watching Football, traveling and spending time with wife and children.

Noel Torres


16 years of experience in the travel management industry, specifically dedicated to Oil & Gas and Marine clients and their unique challenges. Monica is active in her community and an enthusiastic Texans fan. She currently resides in Houston Texas with her husband John and youngest daughter Courtney.

Heather Lockhart


Over 15 years in the Travel Industry – mainly corporate and now marine travel. My favorite destination for a relaxing getaway is a Caribbean Island. Have travelled to many other places as well. Favorite pastime is snowmobiling, to help pass the Canadian Winters. And in the Summertime, enjoy motorcycling.

Angela Caicedo


20+ years working in the travel industry. I started in the industry as a travel agent specializing in leisure travel. Throughout the years I have worked with tour operators & cruise lines assisting their guest with their travel plans. My favorite past time is to travel. I’m very social and love spending time with friends & family. My favorite sport is biking.



I have been in the Travel Industry for over 15 Years. Extensive Knowledge in the Marine, corporate and Luxury Travel.
I use my knowledge and expertise to make our valued clients feel confident we are the right choice for their travel needs.
Enjoy spending time with my family and taking as many trips to Disney as humanly possible.



I have been in the airline/travel industry since 1993. Enjoy spending time with Family and Friends. Married with children



Working In the travel industry since 1990, with wide experience in many areas at different levels. Speaks several languages, has traveled the whole world and lived in different countries. Has passion for what he does and is always committed to our customers’ satisfaction. Likes adventure sports and I swims daily. Loves to spend time with his beautiful wife, lovely daughter, and a gorgeous German Shepherd named Kaiser



I have been in the travel industry for 16 years where I’ve worked in Air/Sea, Marine, & Corporate Travel, As well as ARC Sales Reporting. I enjoy camping, hiking, going to the beach and traveling around the world