Sales Management

Laurence Carlier

Laurence Carlier

Sales Manager, Yacht Division

12 years in the airline/marine travel experience including 8 years with ISS GMT. Enjoy spinning and watching the real football (where players actually use their foot to kick the ball and aren’t wearing protective pads!!!) – love travelling the globe and meeting up with my yachtie friends in different marinas around the world! Love eating strange food! If it looks good eat it! My favorite – grilled octopus on a stick and bbq crickets!

Shawn O'Brien

Shawn O’Brien

Sales Coordinator – Yacht Division

I spent 15 years in the travel industry working almost exclusively with yacht and commercial vessel crew before working for a yacht management company for 5 years. Now returning to ISS GMT I bring a strong overview and understanding of how these two industries complement each other and couldn’t be happier I still works with my yachtie herd! I love living in South Florida so if you want to find me just find the beach!