Aircraft Solutions that Fit a Manager’s Hectic Schedule

Being a Senior Executive can be demanding and the saying ‘Time is money’ may sound cliché but it is very true. Let’s look into how air charters can benefit C-Suite Level and other Executives to be more efficient and ultimately allows more time to be spent outside of daunting, back-to-back business trips.

These jobs frequently come with demanding travel and meeting schedules, where you may find yourself spending more time in cabs and airports than at home with your loved ones.

We will take you through an example that could happen to you and we will explain how ISS GMT’s Air Charter Team can help you.

Let’s say you find yourself having to schedule 3-4 meetings in 4 different cities. This would take you a week to achieve, probably 5 flights if you can fly direct, 10+ hours wasted at airports waiting for your flights and a week away from your office and home. And that’s just for one person. If there are many of you who need to travel, this can really affect the efficiency of a company or create absence of management for a week in the office.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get this done quicker, skip the endless security lines and the gruelling wait to board for 40 minutes? Instead, envision relaxing in a private airport lounge, walking directly to your plane, enjoying the catering of your choice and a glass of your favorite drink on your private jet for the day. Flying private may not be as unreachable as you think.

If you were to charter an airplane, you could probably fit 3-4 different cities in one day by leaving early morning and arriving back home late evening. Of course, this will also depend on your destination(s), but that would be the case on a commercial flight too.

Here is a sample schedule with approximate flying times and cost if you were to do the above by utilizing a private jet:

9/18/2018, Tuesday
0600 – Leave Teterboro, NJ airport and land at Washington, DC at 0730
0830 - 0945 Meetings in the city
1030 – Leave Washington, DC and arrive to Pittsburgh at 1130
1230 - 1400 – lunch meeting in Pittsburgh, PA
1440 – Leave Pittsburgh and arrive in Toronto, ON, Canada at 1540
1630 – 1730 meeting in Toronto
1830 – Leave Toronto and arrive back to Teterboro at 2030

Wouldn’t this all be very expensive? Well, the answer is NO!

On a turboprop aircraft, typically seating 6-8 people, you can do this trip for about USD 10,000.00 (depending on aircraft and crew availability and proximity for your requested date), that means USD 2,000.00 per person if there are 5 traveling. Commercial airlines would cost you just as much, if not more, and you may not be able to fly direct between all destinations plus all the other indirect cost such as hotels, dinners and days gone by.

If you want to opt for a small / midsize jet, we would be looking at around USD 15,000.00 for the entire trip for 5 people.

Of course, the arena of private jet types are almost endless, so we can always find the most suitable airplane for you. Time in the air will also allow you to have lunch, discussions with your colleagues, do a presentation or just unwind from one meeting to the next.

As an air charter broker, we have access to a wide array of aircrafts that suit your specific need, location, time and budget. Our 24/7 team is truly 24/7 and you will be speaking with one of us, not an answering machine. We only work with reputable, reliable carriers and we always keep safety at the forefront of our mind.

How do you book a charter flight?

ISS GMT arranges for your desired aircraft type and flies it to the agreed airport for a pre-agreed departure time. We’ll coordinate with you on ground through our own employees wherever we have offices and through handling agents, airport representatives where we don’t. We will update you with movement messages all the way through and if you wish, we will inform your personal assistant or similar point of contact, so they will know where you are. We can also assist with coordinating ground transportation between the airport and your meetings.

When you find yourself stretching yourself thin with all the travels and days away from the home or office, it is a good idea to reach out and let us run some options and numbers, so you can see how a private jet would suit your travel needs anywhere in the world.

ISS GMT’s Air Charter Team remain available 24/7 at +1 866.746.8872 and at You can also read more about our travel management company as a whole, here.

About the Author

Aniko Penzvalto Mersek has been working in the travel industry for over 15 years and have lived in the Middle East, Europe and USA for her various assignments. She has been working with air charters for over 10 years. She has been heavily involved in evacuations including the earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, Arab Spring, etc. // arranging flights for Executives and VIPs // running multi-year long crew programs and many more. She currently works with ISS GMT and resides in OH with her family.

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